It Works! – More Than Just A Company

I was 9 months pregnant and ready to pop! I saw my friend post this on her facebook and I though well I know she won’t post anything that isn’t working. I called her up and asked her what it was she explained she just started a new adventure and became a distributor for ItWorks. I asked her about the product and how I could get it. She told me and I immediately signed up as a distributor even though I was 9 months along. I saw an amazing opportunity and I took it! I had my baby and 2 weeks after that I was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding. I fit in to the dress I never thought I would. It also gave me the motivation to be healthier. I am now training for a half marathon and I am loving what these amazing wraps have done for my body!!!

Family at a wedding two weeks postpartum
Skinny Wrap Bridesmaids5 wrapsFive Skinny Wraps

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